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The First Friday Society aims at helping Catholic businessmen and women to attend Mass regularly—First Friday Masses and Holy Days of Obligation—when work requirements make attendance in their home parishes a challenge. We are a service for Catholic business professionals who want the fruits of their professional lives to help them and those around them make it to Heaven.

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EWTNews - 8/21/2014
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  • Bishop sees hope for rebuilding Somalia

    Bishop Giorgio Bertin, the apostolic administrator of Somalia, sees hope for the future of the troubled African county, but argues that the country desperately needs to re-establish its own institutions after more than two decades without a functioning national government.

  • Vatican mediator stays away as Venezuelan crisis talks falter

    A Vatican archbishop who has been acting as mediator in talks between the Venezuelan government and opposition leaders has declined to join in the latest sessions, in a gesture that appears to show the Vatican’s dismay over the government’s approach to the negotiations.

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